Shipping policy

Shipping Methods

We offer the Standard Shipping option for the majority of orders. Items will be delivered within 5-8 business days for domestic orders within the US, and within 6-11 business days for international orders, after the production process is completed. Specific delivery details can be found in the section labeled “Delivered Time Frame” below.

Additionally, we provide two Expedited Shipping choices:

  • Express Shipping: This option ensures delivery within 3-5 business days following the completion of the production process. Please note that this item cannot be shipped to a PO Box.
  • 2-DAY Shipping: With this choice, the item will be delivered within 2 business days after production concludes. Please note that this item cannot be delivered to a PO Box.

Expedited Shipping is currently available for Mug and Apparel (T-shirt, Hoodie, etc.) orders within the US domestic region.

Delivered Time Frame (Applicable to Standard Shipping option):


Delivered Time Frame

Product Type Destination Delivered Time
Apparel US 97% within 6-8 days after dispatch
International 97% within 7-12 days after dispatch
Mug US 98% within 6-8 days after dispatch
International 98% within 9-12 days after dispatch
Doormat & Flag US 97% within 6-8 days after dispatch
International 97% within 7-12 days after dispatch
Ornament US 97% within 6-8 days after dispatch
International 97% within 7-12 days after dispatch
Quilt Bedding Set & Blanket US 97% within 6-9 days after dispatch
International 97% within 7-15 days after dispatch
Tumbler US 97% within 6-8 days after dispatch
International 97% within 7-10 days after dispatch

Important Information:

We maintain a delivery success rate of over 97%. However, there are occasional situations where delays may occur due to severe weather conditions, foreign customs processes, or inaccurate address information. Should you encounter such circumstances, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance.

For expedited shipping requests, kindly reach out to our Modify or Cancel Order Center.
Please note that modifications to orders might result in an extended production time of 1-2 days.
If your order is intended for delivery to a PO box, ensure you include the appropriate zip code, along with the 4 or 5-digit code, in your shipping address.
Upon preparation for dispatch, a tracking number will be sent to your email, enabling you to monitor your order until it reaches your doorstep.
Accuracy in providing delivery details is crucial. Incorrect or missing information could necessitate our reaching out to you for updates, which may lead to delays in delivery. Customs clearance procedures can also contribute to potential delays.

Please ensure that all details in your address are complete to prevent packages from being returned to us.

While the majority of packages (97%) are delivered promptly, there are instances when deliveries may be delayed for reasons such as:

  • Incorrect address details
  • Missing apartment, building, floor, or unit numbers
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Customs procedures during international shipments

If your package doesn’t arrive within the estimated timeframe, we will give RESEND OR REFUND per your asking. Kindly contact us at [email protected], and we’ll promptly address the issue.

Customs regulations vary across different regions, leading to varying import fees. Some countries impose import charges on shipments, while others do not. Please note that taxes are not included in the prices on our website. Consequently, you may be required to pay duties and taxes upon receiving your order. Import taxes, duties, and related customs fees may be levied by your local customs office upon the order’s arrival at its final destination.

Shipping Fees
*Applicable to Standard Shipping option. Shipping charges are subject to estimation based on your location and the weight of the order. The minimum shipping fee will adhere to the guidelines provided in the table below:

Shipping Costs

Location Shipping Cost
US $7.99
Canada $8.99
United Kingdom
Rest of the world $12.99

Contact Details for Shipping Providers

Shipping Providers: USPS, DHL, EMS, Local Post…

Order processing commences once payment is successfully accepted.

Note: In certain cases, national carriers may engage regional carriers for the final delivery of your package upon reaching the destination country. In such instances, kindly reach out to either the carriers directly or us to obtain precise updates regarding your shipment.